About Us

About Us

We are Intelliscient Technologies, the people who have developed the AAiNA suite of products. We are a small South Africa based company. We like to solve problems using software. Please visit us at www.intelliscient.co.za to know more about us.

Our journey in the RPA space started some 5 years back, when, our customers started asking for RPA based solutions. Most of our customers were Blue Prism customers, and we got to do some interesting things with this great stack.

At our core, we are a talent creation organization. This led us to becoming an Authorized Training Partner for Blue Prism for the EMEA region.

The AAiNA Journey:

The idea for a solution like AAiNA germinated from our experiences in setting and optimizing COEs, automating processes, and training people on the science and art of Blue Prism®. We (and our customers) started wishing for a solution which could:

  • Help them ensure that their standards were adhered to
  • Blue Prism® best practices were followed
  • Free the time of their Senior team members which was otherwise being spent in checking hygiene elements
  • Ensure that Developers from different contracting houses worked in a similar fashion

The list can go on… but we are not trying to make a business case for AAiNA here 🙂

We were essentially looking for a SonarQube for Blue Prism®.

When we could not find one, we started exploring the possibility of making one. After delving deep into the Blue Prism® DB and code structure (which was a fantastic journey in itself), we were quite sanguine that we could develop a tool. When we spoke to some of our main customers, they encouraged us to invest our time and money in it.

The first AAiNA product was AAiNABP, a configurable automated Process and Object Quality Assurance solution for Blue Prism®

By this time, another problem had started irking us. We found the Blue Prism® code movement process inelegant at best, and we started looking at better ways of doing it. We started experimenting with the Blue Prism® command utility. While functionally rich, we thought that it was not easily usable. By this time, we had also developed some expertise in MS PowerApps and CICD.

This is how the second AAiNA product, AAiNAOPS developed. AAiNAOPS leverages MS Azure DevOps pipelines, MS Power Apps and Blue Prism Command Line Utilities to help developers seamlessly move their code across environments. We currently have a Beta running with a very large Bank in South Africa. We will release the tool soon!