Organizations design and develop standards to ensure their Blue Prism automation initiatives are robust, maintainable, and follow best practices designed by them or suggested by Blue Prism.

However, ensuring that these standards and best practices are adhered to manually can be a daunting, time-consuming, and expensive task. It can block precious time of your senior developers – which is better spent in optimizing processes, rather than in ensuring that standards are being met.

AAiNA BP helps your organization automate Quality Assurance for your Blue prism builds. It empowers your developers by surfacing issues and deviations earlier in the development cycle.

AAiNA BP Benefit:

Some of the benefits, that your organization can accrue by implementing AAiNA BP as your automated Quality Assurance solution are:
  • More robust processes that do not break in run:

AAiNA BP helps your developers iron out most of the reasons processes break in production. This leads to better execution of processes- leading to higher reliability, return on investment, and increased business confidence

  • Reduced time to develop:

AAiNA BP surfaces issues much earlier in the development cycle. This helps developers address them at inception; and not during code review. This leads to a material reduction in development time. This also reduces the time taken to take the process into production – thus expediting benefit realization and increasing business confidence.

  • Increased maintainability:

AAiNA BP enforces adherence to your naming nomenclatures and descriptive annotations to the various stages in processes and objects. This helps teams enhancing the process latter.

AAiNA BP enforces and encourages a standard way of coding. Thus, different teams in your environment find it easier to work with processes developed by others. This also ensures standards across multiple vendors in your environment.

  • Free up senior BP resources:

Far too often, senior resources waste their precious time doing hygiene QA checks on the developed processes. AAiNA BP helps free up this time – which is better spent on reviewing the process logic and possible optimizations.optimizations.

  • Reduces technical debt:

AaiNA BP ensures that all your standards and Blue Prism best practices are adhered to from the very beginning. This ensures that your technical debt is managed and mitigated ab-initio.

  • Citizen development enablement:

One of the biggest impediments to Citizen Development on the Blue Prism platform is the paucity of bandwidth in the CoE to ensure that the builds by CDs meet the standards.

By automating this process, AAiNA BP can help your organization in scaling your CD initiative without sacrificing quality. Apart from ensuring quality builds, AAiNA BP comes with built in help – which explains why some best practices are recommended. This helps CDs augment their knowledge and become better developers

AAiNA BP Features:

  • On Prem Solution

AAiNA BP is an on-prem solution. This ensures that your code and IP do not leave your organization

  • Configurable Rules:

AAiNA BP has more than 60 rules that help you ensure best practice and standards adherence. Most of these rules can be configured to meet your organization’s standards.

  • Multiple Rule Profiles:

Organizations with a federated model can adhere to different standards in different divisions / departments. AAiNA BP allows for multiple rules profiles – thus ensuring that such a federated model can be supported.

  • Simple web based interface:

AAiNA BP can be accessed Blue Prism developers from any web browser optimizations.

  • Contextual Help:

AAiNA BP comes with complete contextual help. This is of great assistance to Citizen Developers in understanding best practices