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Login Page

AAiNABP is an easy-to-use Web based application – and can be accessed by all developers in your environment using standard web browsers. AAiNABP is installed within your environment. This ensures that your IP never leaves your organization

Rules Configuration 1

AAiNABP currently has 69 rules. These rules are logically clubbed for ease of search and configuration

Rules Configuration – 2

The rules can individually be switched on or off.

Rules Details -1

While the rules come with standard name, description, and criticality, they can be edited by you to meet your specific requirements. You can also set whether the rule being broken is an deviation (it must be set right by the developer), or is it for review (the developer has the leeway to decide or discuss the same with the Design Lead)

Rules Details – 2

Each rule comes with meaningful error reason and hints to resolve the issue. The same can be edited to meet your specific requirements. Wherever possible, the rule can be configured to meet your standards. In this example, you can define the Exception Types acceptable in your organization.

Rules Details – 3

Wherever applicable, rules can be set at a stage type level. In this example, you can exclude the stages to which the Logging policy does not apply

Rules Details – 4

Some rules are related to Blue Prism best practices. These are typically not editable. If your organization follows different standards, the rule can be disabled.

Multiple Profiles

AAiNABP allows ten Rules Profiles. Rules can be individually switched on/off for each profile; and the rules can be configured separately in each profile. This is helpful when organizations have a federated COE model wherein different divisions / regions have adopted different standards. It also enables Citizen Development – wherein rules can be relaxed for Citizen Developers.

Profiles Management

Profiles can be maintained, renamed, enabled, and cloned. This helps COEs in managing them. Typically, organizations make one Master Profile and then clone it and edit it for specific regions / Divisions / roles


Using AAiNABP is very easy. The developer saves the Object / Process / Release she wishes to assess – and loads it to AAiNABP. The process does not need any access to your Blue Prism Servers

Summary Report

AAiNABP provides the developer with a report. This report is clubbed at a page / action level – for ease of usage. The developer can access this report through the browser. She can also download the report as a pdf or a CSV file.

Expanded Report

The developer can expand the report for each page / action. This displays the issues identified at a page / action level. This process helps the developer focus on one page / action at a time.

Sample Error Found

AAiNABP provides all details to the developer which are helpful in resolving the deviation.

Help Expanded

AAiNABP comes with pre-built help for each rule. The developers can easily access this help for each rule. This is specially beneficial for Citizen Developers. It coaches them about the organization’s standards, and Blue Prism best practices. This improves the quality of builds without putting additional load on the COE

Help Management 1

While AAiNABP comes with built in help, AAiNABP also has a complete content management system wherein the help can maintained and changed to meet your specific requirements

Help Management 2

AAiNABP provides a rich text box editor for organizations to change / modify the help